If you need help in making a Will, organising a Power of Attorney or administering or disputing an estate, our team is here to assist you.

We all accept that one day we will die.  If you don’t have a will when that day comes, your assets could be distributed contrary to the way you otherwise would have intended.

What is a will?  A will is a legal document which will as far as possible ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes after you die.

Your will can cover your assets such as your house, land, car, shares, bank accounts and other property.

If you prepare your own will you do so at the risk of causing emotional and costly battles among relatives.

This is because a number of legal requirements must be met for a will.  Failure to follow may invalidate the will.  If this occurs, the law may determine you have no will and that there is an intestacy.

Wills can and do bring about a range of emotions.  However, Hogan Stanton Lawyers can help you ensure:

♦  that the terms of your will accurately reflect your intentions

♦  your assets are distributed according to your wishes after you die

♦  how you would like to provide for your children’s future

♦  how you choose an executor or guardian  as these roles can be very demanding and often complex

♦  that you are informed about how to avoid or minimise possible claims by family members

♦  the legal requirements are met

♦  funeral arrangements are covered

Wills vary in their complexity.  Thus the legal costs of their preparation differ.  At your first appointment, ask your solicitor about the costs involved in preparing your will.

It is also advisable to review your will regularly, particularly if your circumstances change such as upon marriage, divorce, births of children and grandchildren, deaths of beneficiaries, financial changes or home or property changes.

Everyone should have a will and everyone should also have an Enduring Power of Attorney.

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