Solicitor -v- Doing it Yourself

You may be prepared to do you own conveyance. If there are no complications and you have experience with forms you may be able to master the procedure. However, consider the following:

♦  What if complications do arise?

♦  What if you misunderstand a document?

♦  What if you misunderstand a clause in the contract or a search result?

♦  What if you miss an important contractual and statutory time limit and lose your rights?

♦  What if you delay in choosing a solicitor and may not have enough time to complete the necessary searches before settlement?

If any of the above should occur you could end up in expensive and unnecessary litigation and loss. When you weigh up the amounts of money associated with buying a home and organising finance, the cost of employing a solicitor is a small outlay that may save you significant financial loss.


icon-logoAvoid Complications

icon-logoAvoid Misunderstanding a Document

icon-logoAvoid Missing a Clause in the Contract or a Search Result

icon-logoAvoid Missing Important Contractual & Statutory Time Limits

icon-logoAvoid Failure to Complete Necessary Searches Before Settlement