Selling Guide

1.  Before entering into a Contract

Please let us review your contract before you sign it.  We can check if there are any special conditions that need to be included in the contract and ensure the contract meets all of the necessary legislative requirements for it to be a valid contract.  We are able to obtain the necessary information including documents of interest for a buyer and their advisors to ensure information recorded on the contract is correct.

2.  Preparing the Contract

Hogan Stanton Lawyers have prepared forms of contract suiting a wide range of Queensland property transactions including for houses and land, units, auctions and off-the-plan sales. We are able to ensure that the contract terms and conditions will be to your best advantage.

3.  The signed Contract

Once the contract of sale is signed you should contact your lender to advise them that the property has been sold. They will then arrange a release of your mortgage. We will also liaise with your lender, requesting the payout figure for your mortgage and organise the settlement. If you have any tenants required to vacate the property, we will ensure they are given the right notice.

4.  Pre-settlement

During the week before settlement, the buyer is entitled to inspect the property and will expect that the property has not been significantly altered. The inspection will be organised through the agent.







5.  Settlement

Settlement is the day that the buyer takes possession of the property, as agreed to in the contract, and any mortgage is paid out. You need to have vacated the property by this time. We attend the settlement on your behalf. Following settlement, the buyer will collect the keys from the agent and we will collect a cheque for the balance of monies due and can bank it for you or arrange a cheque.

It is your responsibility to arrange final readings for:





Below is a simple guide that covers the main costs involved in selling residential property:

 financier: release documentation fees

 solicitor: contact us directly for an obligation free quote

 removalist: if there is anything to be moved out of the property

 agent: commission and advertising (agents will deduct commission from the money held, refunding the balance directly to you

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