If you are named as executor in someone’s will, you have the responsibility of carrying out the terms of their will when they die.  This means that you have to deal with their property (commonly know as their “estate”).

To act on the will, you may find that you have to apply for probate. So what is probate?  Probate is the official recognition that a will is legally valid.

You will need a grant of probate if some people or organisations holding assets of the estate will not release them without sighting a grant of probate.  However, probate is not always required.  You may not need a grant of probate if the asset e.g. the family home is in joint names or the assets are not large or real estate is simply to be transferred to a beneficiary named in the will.

Hogan Stanton Lawyers can advise you on whether probate is required and how to apply for the grant of probate, if necessary.  We can agree to do this at a fixed fee.

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