Our team is experienced in acting for landlords and tenants for all types of properties including but not limited to:


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When acting for a landlord, the landlord’s solicitor usually prepares the lease. Hogan Stanton Lawyers can prepare a hassle-free lease which contains all the relevant terms and conditions to protect your ownership and clearly identifies all rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and tenant.

If a retail shop lease, the landlord’s costs are paid by the landlord. In all other cases they are paid by the tenant.

When acting for a tenant we strongly recommend the following:

♦  You do not sign a letter of offer or letter of intention, lease handed to you by the letting agent or pay any deposit without solicitor’s approval

♦  You make sure you do not sign any document without ensuring you get a full refund of the deposit if the lease does not go ahead

♦  You should have a solicitor thoroughly check the lease before you sign for your protection and to minimise disputes

♦  If you a leasing a retail shop it is essential that you are fully aware of the provisions of the relevant legislation governing retail shop leasing

 You negotiate on the terms of the lease to ensure that its terms are fair

 We check that the lease reflects the commercial terms agreed to

♦  We establish if a mortgagee’s consent to the lease is needed

♦  We ensure the title to the premises to be leased is clear

 We advise you on the operation of the relevant retail shop leases legislation

♦  We advise you on your responsibilities under the body corporate rules if the premises are part of a community title

♦  We advise you of the effect of easements or other competing interests

♦  We advise you on your obligations under the lease

♦  We advise you on whether the lease needs to be registered to protect your rights

♦  We advise you on government fees and charges

Please ask us about the legal costs in settling your lease.



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