Drink Driving


There are four main offences that you may commit if you drive, attempt to drive or are in charge of a motor vehicle after consuming liquor or drugs:

♦  driving while over the no alcohol limit

♦  driving while over the general alcohol limit

♦  driving while under the influence

♦  driving while a relevant drug is present in blood or saliva

An immediate 24-hour suspension from driving applies to any person charged with the above offences. In some circumstances, your licence may be suspended immediately until the charge is finalised.

If your licence is suspended until the charge is finalised you may be able to apply to the court for a replacement licence to continue to drive in stated circumstances. Certain criteria must be met.

If you are convicted of a drinking driving offence or an offence of driving while a relevant drug was present you may apply to the court for a restricted licence to drive only at certain times or between certain places for employment purposes. Before granting a restricted licence, the court must be satisfied that you meet certain criteria.

The Hogan Stanton Lawyers team can advise and represent you in such applications usually for a fixed fee. If you are charged with an offence, please feel free to telephone us for urgent advices.

icon-logoDriving while over the No Alcohol Limit

icon-logoDriving while over the General Alcohol Limit

icon-logoDriving while Under the Influence

icon-logoDriving while a Relevant Drug is Present