Whether buying or selling, the Hogan Stanton Lawyers conveyancing team is special because:

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, on our commitment to quality and personalised service.

The Principal, Michelle Hogan has been practising in property transactions since 1990 and is very experienced in handling all types of property transactions and disputes should they arise.

A solicitor and not a conveyancing clerk will personally handle your conveyance with the property section of the firm headed up by the Principal, Michelle Hogan so you have experience on your side.

You will speak to the person handling the file direct, not via voice mail.

We keep you informed all the way through with solid legal advice.

We ensure that you are ready to complete your transaction on time because we adopt a streamlined approach.

We are cost effective – our retainer provides for a comprehensive level of searches at a fixed fee.

Remember the old adage:

you get what you pay for”

Why go to a cut-price conveyancer for your biggest investment to date?