Bail Applications



When deciding to grant bail, a police office or the court will consider whether there is an unacceptable risk that you might:

♦   fail to appear and surrender into custody

♦   commit another offence

♦   endanger the safety or welfare of the alleged victim or any members of the public

♦   interfere with witnesses or otherwise obstruct the course of justice

If you are seeking release you will need to set out in affidavit evidence any evidence that addresses the following concerns:

♦   the nature and seriousness of the offence

♦   your character, antecedents, associations, home environment, employment and background

♦   previous bail history ( if any)

♦   the strength of the evidence against you

If you wish to make a bail application, have breached a bail undertaking or wish to appeal against a refusal of bail it is important that you obtain legal advice to ensure your interests are protected. The team at Hogan Stanton Lawyers are here for you.

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