This is the process of a person being required to be taken into custody. An unlawful arrest can give rise to a civil and criminal action in relation to an assault and false imprisonment.

Arrests can be made with or without a warrant.

If you are arrested you should, if possible, tell an independent person that you have been arrested and make a request to call us. It is unwise to physically resist arrest as consequences may flow. Polite conduct toward the police may prevent minor charges being laid.

In certain circumstances, you must give your name and address to the police. Otherwise you have the right to remain silent.  The more serious the offence, the more necessary it is to have a well-calculated and informed approach to whether an interview should be undertaken at all. These decisions should only be made following a considered and informed discussion with an experienced lawyer.

We operate a 24 hour service whereby one of our lawyers can be contacted at any time. If this request is declined or there is a delay, it is safer not to speak to the police at all.

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